The Preparatory Boys' Choir School

La Maîtrise

Director, Marie Saint Martin

The Preparatory Boys' Choir School is made up of about thirty boys. It provides their initial training.

They acquire firm foundations in musical training as they are led by the Boys' Choir School teaching team. During this process, they learn among others to read and hear music, about beats and musical sentences, and also to identify the distinctive stylistic characteristics.

In choral singing, they are introduced to a repertoire varied in styles and periods, they get used to how foreign languages sound, mainly Latin, Italian, German and English. Concerning the voice placement, they work on breath control and its coordination with vocal cords, in order to reach free and radiant  resonances.

By building up a firm vocal technique, the boys  learn to develop the quality of interpretation of both text and music. There are body expression lessons to back up this project. Collective exercise par excellence, the work we put forward aims to achieve the development of the pupils, as well as allowing them to get involved in the life of the group.

The boys have regular opportunities to put their work into practice in the context of small auditions accompanied  by a piano or a musical ensemble. Some auditions are held together with the Colmar Boys' Choir, or with the orchestra and choirs of the Colmar Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental.